7 Natural Hairstyles To Flaunt All Summer Long


This month we got to share our ultimate guide to  Natural Hair Summer Care.

Healthy hair is a priority for us at JOS, so now that we’ve laid out the groundwork we want to share these fun summer styles that are sure to turn heads. 

Confidence is always trending! Be sure to share how you’re rocking your natural hair with pride in the comments below. 


Knotless Braids  



Maybe you’ve seen this style showing up more and more on your timeline and among the natural hair community. Practically identical to box braids, knotless braids may actually be the new “healthier” way to achieve this style. 

Box braids with extensions usually start with knotting the hair at the scalp and mixing your natural hair with the weave. While it is a protective style, depending on how tight the initial knot is, it can cause a lot of damage to the scalp. Especially if the braids are longer and add a lot of weight to the one fixed point at your crown. 

Knotless braids are different in that the weave is woven into the braid piece by piece down the hair shaft. Gone is that super tight, often painful scalp pull. Another plus -- most Naturalistas find that they can keep knotless braids in longer.

Of course, you still need to be active in keeping the scalp oiled on a regular basis and wrapping the hair at night to avoid frizz and flyaways.


Brushed out twist outs 



Twist outs are a true “old faithful” for Naturalistas around the world. While the perfectly defined, smaller twists have dominated the scene for years, we’re seeing the growing trend of actively “fluffing out” this classic look.

This is for the ladies who deeply believe the bigger the hair, the closer to God!

To achieve this look, you perform the exact same steps that you normally would to achieve your twist out. The game changer comes when you unravel the twists. Start by taking a pick and actively lift your roots for maximum volume. 

To take it further you can then separate each twist with your finger. Picking through and spreading the hair for a halo effect. Always make sure you’ve put a bit of oil on your fingertips while doing this to make sure your hair  doesn’t dry out while being expanded and fluffed out. 


Ponytails with accessories



This classic hairstyle just got a remix this summer!

High ponytails with a long braid or twist with added extension is one of the easiest, fiercest styles you can rock these days. 

But how do you really stand out from the crowd? 

  • Add gold or silver hoops within the braid.
  • Adult berets to the scalp.
  • Mixing in fun colored extensions throughout the twist or braid.
  • Banding method with colored elastics 


Faux Locs



This Bohemian Goddess style is sure to keep your vibe in vacay mode all summer long. While we often see them flowing long and down the back, shorter locs can also be just as cute and easier to manage on the daily. 

 One of the best things about this style is how natural it looks and how you can truly personalize it with accessories and colors. 

You can also wash your locs just as you would your natural hair without them drastically changing their texture. Frizz is not an issue with this style and we love that! 


Classic & Remixed Top Knot


What’s wonderful about this style is that you can achieve this look with your own natural hair and with extensions. Make sure your scalp stays moisturized by beginning your initial ponytail with a moisturizer in your hair before using your gel. 

You can do a classic all brushed up ponytail or get creative by adding cornrows before the knot. This style tends to last longer when you wrap it at night to keep the frizz away. Make sure you don’t keep this style in too long as you don’t want the sleek look to pull at your edges for too long.


Space Buns

Age ain’t nothin but a number! 

Space buns are a fun playful summer style that can work on all textures and curl patterns. Depending on your length you can add extra hair to make this style appar even more “far out.”

Leave the back of the hair out for a more free flowing version and even move the part to the side for a more asymmetrical look.



Side Afro


When you’re into wearing your hair out but also want to catch a breeze on at least one side of the face! 😏

 For medium to long hair this style can be achieved by brushing, swooping and pinning with classic bobby pins or fun, accented clips. 

 You can also cornrow one side and pin or if you want to rock this style everyday you can also shave one side.

 For shorter hair simply add similar textured extensions to the back and front of one side while leaving your natural hair free on the other. Laying your natural hair will give a seamless transition into your extensions giving you a free flowing, care-free style. 

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