Johanne Joseph is Formulating Success

One Product at time with her brand, J’Organic Solutions!

Johanne joseph

has spent the past few decades flourishing in the Beauty Industry and as a Hair Care Brand Entrepreneur, but it was her early life, filled with trauma and tremendous low self-esteem that transformed her personal self image and her desire to make an impact in the industry.

Born in Haiti, and like most families, there were high expectations for Johanne to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. But it was her painful personal experience during teenage years that shaped who she would become. Johanne recalls her hair being “a problem”, no one wanted to “deal with”. She recalls the very existence of her kinky, natural hair caused her to experience significant feelings of inadequacy and emotional trauma. Everytime her hair was combed and styled, it was met with intolerance, aggression and pain. Her coarse hair, although full and beautiful in her eyes, was deemed “unmanageable” in others.

Later, Johanne immigrated to the U.S and took matters into her own hands. At the age of 16, she realized she simply could not allow people to continue to abuse her hair. She later transformed her pain to power by gently caring for her own natural hair and ultimately becoming an advocate for other women with natural hair and a successful Hairstylist.

For 15 years, Johanne was a Master Hairstylist, building a reputation as a go-to in the industry.

Not surprisingly, one of 2 her hobbies was formulating products - which she began experimenting in her kitchen and sharing those products with friends and family. It was their honest, positive and encouraging feedback that empowered Johanne to create and launch a Beauty Brand business. It’s said, "adversity can be the maker of great ideas through authenticity".

This sentiment is true of Johanne, who embarked on a quest to create all natural products for textured hair in her kitchen to give women and children the esteem they deserve through quality products.

Johanne comes from a family who values using herbs and natural resources to heal and solve problems - she spent years perfecting and researching to ensure she delivered safe, effective and organic products. Her father was an Agronomist, a person who studies plants and how they can be grown, modified, and used to benefit society. With that great influence, Johanne was emboldened to develop products with the same care and appreciation for using locally sourced natural ingredients. In an effort to preserve the rich agriculture of Haiti, she imports the Moringa and Castor Oil that is used to create J’Organic Solutions products.

Although there may have been challenges in her life

There's always a possibility to triumph and today, J’Organic Solutions is thriving!

Since its 2016 launch, J’Organic Solutions collection, now includes over 20 products and counting. Johanne runs a successful family business - she is a wife and mother of two, with an impressive facility in Northern Florida, with over 6 full-time employees and a collection of Adult and Kids hair care products for healthy growth and, moisturized natural hair.

Johanne has created a highly effective product line with beautifully packaged Hair Kits geared towards Healthy Hair Growth, Hydrated Curls, and Manageability for the entire family.

Haiti will always be at the center of her heart and Johanne makes it a point to reach back and give back to her native land directly by impacting the community with jobs, school supplies and access to resources.

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