4 Ways to Give Your Natural Hair the Immediate Moisture It Needs


In the natural haircare world, dry most likely equates to damaged and your curls deserve all the health and moisture they can handle. Founder and Master Stylist, Johanne Joseph breaks down her Top 4 tips for providing immediate moisture to your dry & starved natural hair. 

Moisture is Life for your natural kinks and koils and the simple addition, and more importantly, retention of it can transform any dull Fro into Crowning Glory. 

1. Don’t Over Shampoo your Natural Hair

Maybe you’ve foolishly fallen prey to the myth that Natural Hair is more dirty than other types or that it holds odor longer, I know our loc’d friends get this trash more than anyone. It’s sad that we even have to address this still in 2021 but just to be crystal clear...THIS IS NOT TRUE. 

And on that note, Stop over shampooing your hair. Please:) 

Cleansing your hair with shampoo is 100% a necessary step in the haircare routine...and while we’re on the myth busting train, it is also completely false that unwashed hair grows longer or faster. 

Shampooing gets rid of buildup and helps prevent dandruff and itchy scalps. In order for this to work your shampoo must strip --yes even the sulfate-free ones-- the hair follicle of all the product residue, sweat, and sometimes even the natural oils of your hair. While this is necessary every once in a while, even bi-weekly is too much, especially for our 4C friends. 

We want to be stripping as less as possible and instead pouring into our hair moisture, moisture, and more moisture. 

There are other cleansing alternatives like co-washing that you can use in between washes but even more importantly there is Self-Acceptance. And trust that the natural hair journey is sometimes as much about unlearning as it is learning. What worked for Grandma or even your Mom’s generation may not work for you. How you care for your hair is based on your needs, NOT someone else’s standards of  health or beauty. 

2. DO Deep Condition Your Natural Hair...Weekly.

Hold on tight to your bonnets because we just might be asking you to reverse your complete thinking. Instead of the dated narrative of wash frequently and deep condition on “special occasions.” We’d like to ask you to do the exact opposite, shampoo less frequently and up your deep conditioning game...quick. This simple switcheroo will without a doubt bring back the moisture your natural hair needs to grow and thrive.

Everyday manipulation like styling, sleeping, even absentmindedly touching your hair saps the natural oils surprisingly quick. This is why the best healthy haircare routine is one that provides deep moisture consistently by deep conditioning and letting the hair set under a plastic cap for at least 15 minutes.  

Setting your natural hair with a deep conditioner, like our Argan Oil Hair Mask adds the necessary proteins back to your hair by deeply nourishing and ultimately strengthening the hair shaft for added shine and growth potential.


3. Daily Leave-In Moisturizer for your Natural Hair

Now for the day to day moisture maintenance. 

You wake up. 

Next, now let’s be honest, you search everywhere for that bonnet you swear you made extra secure before sleeping. 

After, when you’re ready to freshen up your protective style or Wash n Go look, you should definitely be reaching for a daily Leave-In Moisturizer. 

This is where the J’Organic Solutions Brand stands firmly in our belief that INGREDIENTS MATTER. The first ingredient that needs to be present in your moisturizer is WATER. The original moisture giver, the provider, the source. When water comes first it means that it is the ingredient that is used most in the product. This is the type of product you want to be using daily to keep your natural hair moisturized in between your wash and deep condition days.

Application should look like honing in on those dry, frizzy ends yet still massaging from root to tip. If you’re properly deep conditioning weekly, you shouldn’t need a whole lot, just enough to saturate the hair. Again, working it through your hair as best as possible from root to tip. The goal being to add life (water) back into your natural hair style after a long day or night.


4. Sealing in the Moisture of your Natural Hair

This crucial step is what most people miss and is so key for ensuring that your moisturized kinks and curls last. Applying oil to the scalp we know is good for blood circulation and hair growth. Adding your Leave-In to the root of your hair helps with flyaways and frizz. Now sealing it all in with a thicker, creamier moisturizer is like the icing on the cake. 

J’Organic Solutions Moringa Shea Hair Yogurt is the perfect example of how using a sealant can help define your curls and retain moisture. In using a product with a bit of weight you want to be sure that the ingredients are working for you, not against you. 

Our shea butter is sourced directly from Ghana and the Moringa oil originates from Haiti. Both rich in vitamins and minerals, they are pulling double duty to help soften the texture and hold tight the water and oils that you’ve applied to the hair prior to.  

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