Kid's Super healthy Hair kit
Ingredients Matter.  We are committed to providing the best healthy hair products for your natural hair kids. Children's hair is known to have frizzy flyaways, tough tangles, and regular breakage. Our Kid’s Super Healthy Hair Kit delivers powerful hydration to...
285.96 SR
Healthy Hair Kit
 Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results Stop wasting your time trying to figure out ALL the necessary products from wash-day to everyday maintenance of your natural hair! Our founder Master Beautician and a product formulator for over a decade Johanne...
377.47 SR
4C Coils Super Healthy hair Kit
Growth Complex 4c is one of the only hair kits on the market specifically formulated for babies and toddlers who have 4c hair type.   We understand that your 4c little one needs extra tender lovin care for their scalps and...
285.96 SR 266.89 SR
Hydra-Moisture Curls Popping Kit
 NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS Say “bye-bye” to dry, frizzy, unhealthy hair and “Hey Girl Hey!” to moisture-locked, perfectly defined, popping (and yummy smelling!) curls.   For Naturally Kinky and Curly Ladies from 3A to 4C: Dry + Brittle...
297.40 SR
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