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Growth-Plus Hair Serum
Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results Experience hair growth like never before with all-natural ingredients. We’re talking supernatural results like thicker, stronger hair strands and completely eliminating dry and itchy scalps. (Note: This product will not regrow hair on  bald...
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Moringa-Shea Hair Yogurt
Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results The Moringa-Shea hair yogurt is made with all-natural and organic ingredients that will keep your hair healthy, nourished, and moisturized. Our shea is sourced directly from Ghana and the Moringa oil originates from Haiti....
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Healthy Hair Kit
 Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results Stop wasting your time trying to figure out ALL the necessary products from wash-day to everyday maintenance of your natural hair! Our founder Master Beautician and a product formulator for over a decade Johanne...
Growth Complex Hair Growth Scalp Stimulator
Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results J’Organic Solutions Growth Complex is enriched with all the vital nutrients to stimulate your hair follicles allowing the hair growth process to Work Better And Faster. This fast-absorbing, deep-penetrating treatment produces a luxurious shine...
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Hydra-Moisture Curls Popping Kit
 NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS Say “bye-bye” to dry, frizzy, unhealthy hair and “Hey Girl Hey!” to moisture-locked, perfectly defined, popping (and yummy smelling!) curls.   For Naturally Kinky and Curly Ladies from 3A to 4C: Dry + Brittle...
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Blue-Green Algae Daily Moisturizer
NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS  Blue-green Algae Daily Moisturizer is a must-have in your natural hair care routine. Serving every kink and curl from 3A to 4C, the natural ingredients inside give moisture as deep and wide as the...
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Moisturelicious Curls Defining Pudding
Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results  J’Organic Solutions Moisturlicious Curls Defining Pudding is the ultimate natural hair styling product to keep your curls looking and feeling luscious. This rich but lightweight Pudding adds shine, moisture, bounce, and strength to your...
Argan Oil Hair Mask
 NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS  Our Argan Oil Hair Mask has been re-optimized to deep condition your curly, kinky locks. It goes to work delivering heat-infused aminos with a patented protein complex to repair damaged hair and restore your...
Moisture Lock Growth Oil Nutrients
 NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS  J'Organic Solutions Moisture Lock Oil Nutrients is a unique blend of all-natural oil that helps prevent and reduce breakage and split ends while strengthening hair. This Multipurpose lightweight oil is great for hair, scalps,...
Curl Boosting Smoothie
NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS The Hydra-Moisture Burini Fruit Curl Boosting Smoothie was designed to add definition to natural curls and eliminate frizz while adding sheen and bounce to your curls -- minus the flake. Our nongreasy ingredients allow...
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Carrot- Peppermint Cleansing Cream Co-Wash
NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS  Our unique Hydra-Moisture formula cleanses your kinks and coils without stripping them of their natural oils and moisture. Organic ingredients like peppermint invigorate your scalp while carrot helps to add and retain moisture. Both...
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Growth-Plus Hydrating Shampoo
Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results  J'Organic Solutions Hydrating Shampoo offers natural ingredients formulated especially to cleanse your natural hair. This Sulfate and Paraben free shampoo provides nourishment for your scalp, kinks, and coils, preventing them from feeling dry and...
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High Quality Satin Bonnet
 ARE YOU TIRED OF THIN, LARGE RUFFLED, AND LOW-QUALITY HAIR BONNETS?  Invest in your kids and your hair protection with J’Organic Solutions High-Quality Bonnet. Our Bonnets are made of high-grade satin material meant to last through many nights of blissful...
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Detanglement Knot Sauce
NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS WITH SUPERNATURAL RESULTS Detanglement Knot Sauce  A 5 in 1 moisturizing cream Made With Rice Milk and Haitian Castor Oil   Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, our newest gem is rich with moisture-locking compounds that bring...
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